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vabori olive leaf extract

Your Premium Australian Olive Leaf Extract Supplier

Vabori is an Australian Family Owned brand and we are excited to be able to share with you, our great tasting and High Strength Australian Olive Leaf Extract.

We are proudly 100% Australian Grown, Made and Owned, all our Olive Leaf Extract products are made on our own Olive Plantation in Queensland Australia. Beacuse we aren't owned by an overseas multi-national corporation, your support will help us to continue making great Vabori products in Australia.

We conscribe to a natural way of creating our Olive Leaf Extract Products. This process starts on our olive plantation, where we don't use any chemicals on our trees and we love to feed our trees with juice made from our worm farm! When it comes to manufacturing our products, we avoid using materials such as alcohols and harmful preservatives, you will also find that every one of our products is made from 100% naturally derived products, including our Vabori Olive Leaf Extract range.

Vabori Olive Leaf Extract

At Vabori headquarters we work hard to bring you products that are directly related to improving your health and everyday wellness and most importantly - actually do what the label says!

Why Choose Vabori Olive Leaf Extract?
Stronger than other brands
Competitvely priced @ $39.99 (500ml)
Tastes Better

Products in the Vabori Australia Wellness Collection are:
Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Natural Flavour
Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Peppermint Flavour
Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Mixed Berry Flavour
Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges
Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Capsules (coming soon)

Australian Made Olive Leaf Extract

Vabori is an Australian Made and Owned brand, which is emphasised by the Australian Made and Owned logo!

Contact your Olive Leaf Extract suppliers today or call us on +61 467 245 961.

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